Worse than missing out on a bull market, and more
frustrating than a bear market is a...


Something’s “off” – and it just “feels wrong”.  Brokers have run out of excuses, long-time market pros don’t have any answers, & millions of investors are now asking...
“Why Is It So Damn Hard to Make
Any Money These Days?”

If You’re Frustrated With Your Investing Results, Chances Are
It’s NOT You...

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Dear Fellow Independent Investor,

Plain and simple, no matter how much experience you have or what kind of stock market strategies you whip out –

the marketplace today has become almost unrecognizable.

Here’s why: According to the latest research from TrimTabs.com and Jupiter Research, approximately 80% of all stock market volume these days is being run by institutional investors.


The national media is paying attention too:  60-Minutes claims “the stock market is rigged,” The Economist writes, “The fraudulent practice of high frequency trading is revolting.”

Who are the 80%?  And what does this mean?

They are the big investment banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, fat-cat insurance companies, pension funds, and private foundations to name a few. 

It’s also the Federal Reserve, too! (In fact, the Fed is one of the biggest institutional players in the market!)  And even big companies themselves, with their billion dollar balance sheets, are powerhouse investors.

This Research Means 80% of the Stock Market (Trillions Upon Trillions
of Dollars)
Is Being Run By Just a Few Thousand Firms

Which leaves the 20% - that’s you and me.  And even though there are millions of “you and me’s” – we’re now the marginalized minority out there.  Call us the market’s “peons!”  So as an active investor or trader, let me tell you how uncomfortable the 80% is making your every move in the stock market these days (go ahead and check off all the one’s you recognize):

There’s mad, unpredictable volatility – caused by these institutional heavy-weights throwing their trillions around, chasing each other’s returns.  This explains why the Dow can be up 140 points one day – then down 200 points the next without batting an eye… They’re making volatility go off the charts!

Fundamental Analysis is useless!  Stock behavior is unpredictable, even “mysterious.”  A stock will get devoured on seemingly good news.  Another one will surge on sour news.  And with others, sudden dramatic action hits a stock on NO NEWS WHATSOEVER.  This behavior isn’t isolated, it’s become the new normal.  It just doesn’t make sense any more… not like it used to.

Massively complex computers now “front run” (manipulate) EACH ORDER YOU MAKE!  This happens to millions of market orders per day.  This has caused a firestorm in the national media spotlighting the “high frequency traders” as cheaters and crooks.  (60 Minutes, the New York Times, and other media have fingered the institutions as being responsible)

Technical Analysis is utterly useless!  Trends are nearly impossible to follow – let alone trade.  For years, the most popular trading method (mine included) has been trend trading.  But now it’s nearly impossible to do it with any sort of consistency.  (Studying charts to determine when to get in and when to get out – and how to out-guess the 80% – is supremely frustrating for an investor.)

The “me effect” is happening more and more often (that’s haunting phenomenon of buying a stock and watching it go down immediately after you buy it… ring any bells?...)

Mix in the frightening pace of government shut-downs, the wrong comment from a Fed official, the drama of another war hotspot brewing-up somewhere in the world. . .and what do you get?

Too Much Risk + Too Little Reward = NO FUN.

Let’s face it:  trading today is befuddlement on steroids... it sucks and it ain’t fun!  And it’s compounded by doing one trade after another, worrying about the same things each time: “Do I trust my fundamentals?  The technicals?  Did I buy in right?  When do I sell?”  And then comes the harsh beat-up on yourself for all the things you did “wrong.”

And this skullduggery cycle repeats itself on each and every trade!

Worse, getting ahead is nearly impossible – because nearly everything that used to work in the market just doesn’t work anymore… and up until now there hasn’t been any kind of explanation as to “why” – it just seems to have stopped working.

But in a minute, I’m going to show you some breakthrough good news!  Results that seem unbelievable, even shocking in today’s frustrating, rigged market.  Hi, my name is Preston James, and if I’m speaking to you on some level, know it’s because I’ve been in your shoes.  I know what you’re going through.

Is there any going back?  No.  There’s too much money and power concentrated at the top, and it’s inter-connected with the right, powerful people.  It’s too much of a good thing!

There are more “Haves” AND “Have-Nots” than at any other time in history.  Which means the middle-class is being squeezed like a vice – and it’s these fundamentals that have re-jiggered everything about how the stock market behaves.  What does this look like? 

Well, so far in 2014 alone:

·      The highest price paid for a mansion in U.S. history went for $147-million!  Guess who made the purchase?  A hedge fund manager!

·      Two hedge fund partners just purchased the NBA Milwaukee Bucks franchise.

·      The highest price ever paid for a painting, $165-million, was purchased by yet another hedge fund manager.

·      Did you read about the three institutional money fund partners who decided to party around the world, flying on their private jet to 120 parties in different cities in 360 days?... it’s true… just Google it!

·      Another top fund manager throws a Christmas party each year, sending his guests engraved gold bar invitations which are delivered by armored truck.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it shows you the kind of wealth that’s concentrated over on the institutional side of things!  

Again, just ask yourself, are you having this kind of party from your investing activities?  I doubt it. 

It’s flat-out chilling… the mega wealthy are more entrenched now than ever – extorting billions and billions from this rigged game.  This is the rich getting richer on steroids – with no end in sight.

And they don’t get “in trouble” because it’s all sanctioned and made possible by our very own government!  This clandestine, well-connected club is tops on the 1% food chain – and their manipulations have made the marketplace unrecognizable for everyday investors. Coming to terms with this…

The Single Biggest Mistake You Could Make Is to Pretend the Market Is NOT Rigged – and Continue to Get Devoured by Thinking It’s the Same As It’s Always Been!

It’s next to impossible for the “little guy” to invest and get ahead.  Not in today’s market!  The institutions have their own rules, their greed is complex, and their trillions are infected… the market playground you once knew for riding trends is now dark and obsolete.

This new reality is stealing the hopes and dreams of independent “little guys” like you and me everywhere.  Traders are dropping out of the market “for good” in record numbers.  They’re flat-out dumping their dream of achieving financial freedom – simply because they’re sick and tired of worrying about a stock market they no longer understand.

Sadly… many are going back to the old school “buy & hold” method – like that’s going to do them any good.  Other investors are content to collect dividend checks. 

All in all… the fun is gone and the pride of developing a skill and a hobby for most of us “little guys” has simply vanished.  The towel has been thrown… we’ve given up.

So where do you stand?  Do you feel stuck… stymied… frustrated?

Most of us feel paralyzed at worst – we’re floundering to “make it work” at best.  Fear.  Frustration.  Confusion.  Helplessness.  Depression.  Anger.  They’re all a part of this “new stock market” reality.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  And it starts with realizing this single epic truth:

It’s Simply NOT Your Fault!

You heard me right… It’s not you!  Reality is… forces have been at work for some time now, that’s created all this 80/20 mayhem. And it’s fundamentally changed the market – and changed it forever. 

So is there any good news in all of this?  Yes!  But just like every successful CEO has written in their how-to-succeed-in-business books: you must adapt!  Adapt or die!  Before I tell you exactly HOW to adapt – let me tell you what I DON’T mean.  I don’t mean you should go out there and copy what the institutions are doing.  That would be a big no-no.

Why?  For one, they don’t tell the public what they’re doing (in fact, they often say the exact opposite!) and two, you are not them.

You’re not them.  And they’re not you.  This is critical to understand before we go any further because this is the fundamental reason what I do in the market actually works:

There Are Really Only Two Kinds of Participants
in the Market Today:  Oil Tankers & Wave Runners

I like to picture an oil tanker vs. a wave runner.  These two vessels each move across the water, but their purposes are very different. 

The oil tanker can’t be a wave runner and the wave runner can’t be an oil tanker.  They each carry out ONLY the purpose they were designed for.

Meaning, what I’m about to show you CANNOT be done by institutional investors. 

They can’t act like us or move around as nimbly as you and I can.  It also means no matter how many of us “wave runners” are out there, we’ll still be just 20% of the action – and likely shrinking as time goes on.

I invite you to take a “time out”.  Give yourself some permission to stop and really think about what I’m saying here about “tankers and wave runners” before we go on. 

Once you really “get it” – you’ll come to the conclusion that all this high frequency trading combined with the gargantuan institutional traders… is GOOD NEWS.

You see, they create so much movement from their institutional greed, we get to just swerve on in and profit from their waves without them ever noticing!  Once you embrace this, and tweak what you’re doing with what I’m about to show you, then...

A Whole New World and a Whole New Way
of Leveraging Your Money to Create
Weekly Paychecks Will Open Up to You!

In fact, once you really get this under your belt, you’ll actually be thanking your “lucky stars” for these high frequency bandits and institutional monsters that make results like mine possible.

What kind of results? 

Well.. first off, I’m not the only one who’s using my methods successfully… I have personally used exactly what I’m about to teach you to take one of my brokerage accounts from $57,0000 to just over $200,000 over the past 9-months.

But even better… I have a handful of students who are using it as well.  Here’s what just a few of them have to say:

Eric from the Chicago area made a cool $1 million in just 6 months (he started with a million…but STILL!)

Bill from the Atlanta area started with just over $20,000 and in 9 months he has grown his account to $67,000+ and growing.

Jon from Laurel, Maryland started with $110K.  In just over 3 months he had increased his account value by $45K…

Then there’s sweet 72 year-old Dorothy from North Brunswick, New Jersey… here’s a screen-capture of an email she sent me not long ago that just meant the world to me:

Description: C:\Users\bkvoiles\Desktop\Dorothy Sand-final.jpg

How We’re Getting These Killer Results

Let me tell you how we’re doing this.  You see, it’s based on the fact that these high-frequency front-running scum-bags and the big institutional traders make-up 80% of every trade that’s transacted in the market.

I call it “The Money Press”.

It involves using options.  But not like you’ve heard, and not like you’re used to.  In fact, the breakthrough that makes it all possible is only 4 years old – weekly options.  And practically no one is talking about them… let alone using them the right way to score “weekly windfall” profits.

The “Money Press” funnels cash into your brokerage account (where it stacks up), and it’s really up to you whether or not you want to spend it each week (all of it, some of it, or none of it).  Many of my students are just letting their cash stack up, fyi.

There are several advantages to trading the “Money Press” method:

1)   No more digging for the “next great stock” – i.e. no more time wasted on stock picking.   The “Money Press” ends your stress of trying to find “the next Apple”.  The stocks practically pick themselves with the “Money Press”.

2)   Let’s you start with a small account size – even though most of the stocks the “Money Press” works best with are some of the strongest, leading stocks available!
There’s also no hidden or excessive margin requirements.

3)   The method has a built-in way that DOUBLES your return with the very SAME risk!

4)   Get paid from the increased volatility, instead of wallowing in it.  This is called gamble-free growth (which provides an income stream AND extra safety at the same time).

5)   The “Money Press” gets YOU (your whims, your thoughts, habits, inclinations, and intuitions) OUT of the trading equation as much as possible.

6)   Spend waaaay less time trading, and say hello to “windfalling”…

7)   You’ll sleep like a baby at night because of the built-in, iron-clad protection from “out of the blue” news or market surprises.

8)    All these advantages – without having to be glued to a computer screen all day (you never have to say “no” to golfing with your buddies, or going to lunch with your granddaughter or sweetheart).

The “Money Press” is the set-up I use for over 90% of the trades I make in today’s market – and over the past 4 years.  It’s become my “elegant solution” for cashing-in despite today’s institutionally gripped, 80/20 world!

The “Money Press” Is a Proven Way to “Get Even” with These
High Frequency Scum Bags – and Even Get Rich In the Process

Compare these advantages to “regular trading” – and it’s not even close.  Who wants to put their emotions and ego on the line, time after time on trade after trade?  Not to mention it’s one of the most volatile times in market history (again, thanks to 80% of the market action being dominated by the big institutions)!? 

Conventional trading and investing just doesn’t work anymore – and it’s a recipe to drive yourself insane… to keep on trading what you think will work, in a market where it no longer works.

The “Money Press” training includes 3 key components:

·      A DVD video recording of a 60-minute webinar where I taught my top students all the ins-n-outs of the “Money Press”.  Everything is covered: What makes a stock “Money Press worthy.”  How to do a Money Press.  How the “windfall” process works.  What’s involved in managing a Money Press each week.  How to adjust a Money Press.  Soup to nuts . . . it’s all there.

·      The Complete “Money Press” Manual… outlining the entire windfall method in complete, crystal clear detail

·      And you’ll get a NEW, added-bonus DVD called “How to Get Started on $10,000 or Less with the Money Press”.  I’m including this to help all the “small” traders who want to generate weekly income in spite of the size of their account.  (a $10K account ought to be able to generate $800 to $1200 a week once you get this down.)

So if you’d like to discover how to immediately start generating weekly “paychecks” from the “Money Press”, I’d love to show you how.  And the “cost of entry” will surprise you.

And what is that cost? 

A mere $7 bucks.

Now, why just $7 bucks you might ask?

Well, obviously this “Money Press” method is too valuable to give away for free, but that’s not actually why I’m charging for it.  I have four logical reasons why it costs just $7 bucks:

1.  First of all, I’ll be shipping you a DVD with the Money Press method on it that you can learn at your leisure, and $7 is just enough to cover my shipping and production costs.

2.  Secondly, I’ve only previously shared this Money Press method with a small group of trading buddies. I taught it to them on a live webinar, and am now giving you access to this private presentation. It seems only fair to them that I wouldn’t just throw this around for free.

3.  Third. And although it’s probably stupid of me, another reason why I’m not charging the $500 I could easily get away with to reveal this Money Press method to you is because I’m making a point:

I want to prove that it DOES NOT MATTER how many “you’s and me’s”, little guys, underdogs, and independent investors are leveraging this strategy!  It makes no difference to the institutional forces out there, & that means we profit from their greed & laugh all the way to the bank.

4. And lastly… the “Money Press” is the tip of the iceberg of all that I have to teach you.  And I figured if I gave you some of my very best stuff right out of the gate – and I charged you a more-than-fair price for that information – I’m hoping you’ll “fall in love” with me and my staff… and you’ll want to buy more training, products, and cutting-edge breakthroughs as I release them.

In other words – I’m looking to build a long-term relationship with you… but one that’s profitable for BOTH of us… & I know it all starts with TRUST.  And I couldn’t think of a better way to earn your trust than to get my biggest and BEST trading strategy in your hands for dirt cheap.  And that’s exactly what the “Money Press” is.

So now that I’ve told you about my “Money Press Method” and how me and others are really kicking butt with it in the rigged 80/20 market… and how I’ve decided to make it available to you for only a $7 investment (about the cost of a single online brokerage commission), let me tell you how to get it:

Click Here To Order The Money Press!

Once you place your order, my staff will immediately RUSH the “Money Press” windfall method straight to your door.

Now, let me make this decision even easier for you.

Money Press Money-Back
Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t think the “Money Press” method will be worth at least 100x the puny $7 price I’m charging – just let me know any time in the next 90-days and I’ll promptly give you a full refund of your $7.

I’m not kidding…

So really, you have absolutely nothing to risk here, and everything to gain.

You have my word.


I only ask one thing:

1)   Go in with an open mind.  This simple training will probably be different than what you’re used to.  But that’s okay.  It’s not difficult, just different.  If you’ve got half-decent “business sense” and understand math somewhat, you’ll be good to go.

To get going, there’s only one way to order… simply visit this special website:

Click Here To Order The Money Press!

One last thing… pleasedon’t let the $7 price fool you.  This information took me several years to test and tweak, using hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money in the real stock market world.  You can take the information inside the Money Press Method DVD + Manual and do this right away… and make more than enough money to repair any “damage” that’s been done to your account.

Or you can generate a second income, or a retirement income – cutting yourself a paycheck once a week if you want.  Or you can let it grow and compound.  It’s really up to you.

Of course, I only make these bold promises to you if you have a solid work ethic and the self-confidence to actually learn the “Money Press” and then follow-through and actually place a trade. 

If you lack those qualities – please don’t buy this.  It’s not for you.  But if it sounds “up your

alley” – you’ve really got nothing to lose – and a whole lot to gain from the “Money Press”… not to mention the personal pride, power and enjoyment that comes from being able to “stick it to the man” (high frequency traders & big institutions!) and cut yourself a hefty weekly “paycheck” – income on demand – all from your own efforts.

Worst case is this: You invest 45-minutes of your time going through the “Money Press”, learning all about the #1 way I’m making money – and you decided it not for you… and you get your $7 bucks back.

Best case is… the “Money Press” changes your financial future forever.

Isn’t $7 bucks a risk you’re willing to take?  Get going right now – while it’s fresh on your mind.  The only way to order is to visit this website:

Click Here To Order The Money Press!

The opportunity to make money is right there – right now... but you’ve got to know your way around these weekly options – you’ve got to know how to work “with” and “around” these new high-frequency bandits – and you’ve got to get comfortable with this new windfall method.

With my “Money Press” training in your hands – you’ll have everything you need.

You can do this… trust me.

Warmly Yours,


Preston James

P.S.  When you go to place your order – you’ll see a video of me logging into one of my brokerage accounts, showing you my real-world results from using the Money Press (these are NOT hypothetical results!) 

Click Here To Order The Money Press!

It’s real, actual, video proof of how one of my accounts grew from $57K to over $200K in just 9 months time.  It’s pretty amazing… especially when you consider what all was going on during that same 9-month period:

·      There was the two-week government shutdown which was on the 24-hours news-cycle

·      There was the worst January to start off a year in decades

·      And then there was the war between Russia and the Ukraine

No one else shows you their real account, their real trades – up-close and personal like this.  This is for real.  I’m for real.  And the “Money Press” is for real.

And honestly, one big reason I’m writing to you and offering you the “Money Press” is I’m on a mission to save as many investors as I can – and show them the way to true prosperity and freedom.  I’m on a mission to tell as many investors as possible about what’s happened to our market… and to get as many of them on the path of true financial freedom and prosperity. 

The fact is it just doesn’t matter how many of me’s and you’s jump in and do the Money Press.  After all, you and me are only the 20% of market participants.

Once you go through and get the “Money Press” under your belt – there’s no way you’ll want to go back to doing things the “old way”.  If you’re stuck, frustrated and not knowing what move to make next, you owe it to yourself to check out my “Money Press”.  Not only to just survive, but to make bigger boatloads of cash than you ever have before!

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