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Preston James

I have only three hand-picked mentors that I allow to teach my weekly option trading methods.


They are successful students of mine and were chosen based not only on their depth of knowledge of my system, but also on the success they’ve had in their own trading – as well as their extensive knowledge of options and the stock market as a whole.


The mentoring these trainers give is customized around each individual student – dependent on your unique situation (schedule, prior trading experience, capital, etc.), and on what your specific goals are.  In other words, the results you get will be geared towards exactly what you want.


However, because I only have three approved mentors, I am picky about who I allow into this amazing opportunity.  Spots truly are limited . . .and as much as I’d like to – I simply cannot take just anyone and everyone into this one-on-one program.


That's why I’ve put this application process together.


There are a few simple questions that will be insightful for me and my team to be able to determine which applicants qualify for, and secure, any open positions in the mentoring program as they come available.


So please put some thought into your answers.


Once I review your application and approve it – I will forward your info to one of my Education Counselors.


If your application is accepted, you’ll get a call from my Crew to confirm my suspicions that you are a good candidate.


I’m confident my Education Counselors will take great care of you and help guide traders like you to success. They have the savvy and experience to be able to tell if this really is a good fit for you and our mentors.


Please understand, by filling out the application below and submitting it, neither you nor I are making any sort of agreement.  This is simply to separate the wheat from the chaff, the serious traders from the not-so-serious.


Yours for More Profits More Often,

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Preston James
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